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Terms & Conditions

All items come with a 6 month warranty as standard from the day of purchase. The warranty is not valid if any of the following apply:
- The item was damaged by carelessness, negligence or misuse. This includes using the wrong battery, charger, ammunition or gas for the product, or accidental damage.
- The item has been upgraded or modified in any way since purchase by someone other than a Gunmunki technician.
- No valid receipt or invoice can be provided as proof of purchase.
- The item is part of the Sportsline range. We stock these items only by specific request, and no warranty or return can be honoured for these items.

If you need to return an item due to it being faulty, the wrong size, or any other legitimate reason, the item must be in the same condition as when you received it, and all included items must be returned along with the original product. No refunds will be given for items damaged by negligence, undue care or improper use. All refunds are given at the discretion of the Grange, and no replacement items or refunds will be sent until the original goods are returned.

When returning an item, include your name, contact details, the original invoice and receipt, and a brief description of why you are returning the item. Always inform the Grange before returning anything, since a full replacement may not always be necessary. The user is always responsible for return postage costs. We strongly advise you to use a tracked postal service and proper packaging, since we cannot be held accountable for any returned items lost or damaged during postage.

Customised items may not be returned. This includes items which have been sprayed two-tone for VCRA compliance.

2nd Hand Items
All second hand items are sold on the agreement that you take the product as it is. No refunds can be given for second hand items, and any issues with the item should be taken up with the original seller, and not with the Grange. Please take this into account when considering purchasing a second hand item.

If an item needs repairing and is under warranty, there will be no charge for labour or parts. If the warranty has expired or is not valid, standard Gunmunki repair costs apply. The customer is still responsible for postage costs. More information is available on the Gunmunki website.

Restricted Items
Some items are restricted, either by age or by the VCRA. If you attempt to purchase a restricted item you are not legally able to own the sale will be refused and only an 80% refund will be given.

The majority of airsoft accessories may be sold to anyone. To own a replica imitation firearm (RIF) you must be over 18 years of age and hold a valid legal defence to the VCRA. All items requiring a VCRA defence will be marked as such in the item description. If you are over 18 years of age and do not hold a valid VCRA defence you may own an RIF on the condition that the item is sprayed so that the primary colour is either bright orange or bright green. If you are unsure about whether you can purchase an item, contact the Grange for more information.

Proper Usage Disclaimer
The Grange can accept no responsibility for the misuse of any of our products, or the consequences of such actions. Upon purchasing an item you are legally responsible for that item and any actions taken with the item, even if by another person.

For more information on any of these points please contact the Grange.


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